Here’s How You Drink (A Lot) More Water


I started drinking a lot of water as of recently. I can finish a 6 liter bottle of water in only 4 or 5 days, thats more than 6 cups a day. Though I always drank a lot of liquids (coffee, juice, beer) I would rarely drink only water. Combined with exercise, this habit has cut down a number of bad drinking and eating habits that I have always had.

I won’t go into the obvious health benefits, but one that surprised me was that people who drink more water lose weight. The reason being is that when the body does not get a lot of water, it stores it.

I started by always keeping a bottle of water by me at all times. Whenever I drink the entire bottle, I fill it up again immediately. I keep this bottle on my desk while I work, next to my bed as I go to sleep, and always keep it in my bag wherever I go.

This way I take sips as I’m working, and I drink all the way to the end of the day as I lay in bed reading, ready to sleep, and I immediately take two or three large gulps the moment I wake up before my morning run.

I recommend keeping several full bottles around the house, but the most important places are where you work and by your bed. If you have multiple rooms in the house, keep a bottle always visible and easily accessible (bottles on living room tables, on bookstands, on countertops.)

The amount of water you drink will add up to the recommended amount without you realizing it. And it won’t feel like work, either.

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