I Decided to Disconnect My WiFi At Home, Here’s What Changed

I just recently moved into a new apartment, and having been given the option to connect to a WiFi network, I opted not to.

I had gotten a taste of living without internet in my home several months ago when I was forced to relocate to a new apartment due to renovations. At first, I requested that the landlord supply the wifi, I needed it to work. She quickly supplied it… in the form of phone data.

A wholesome 20gb.

Jokes aside, because of how limiting 20gb is, I was careful not to use it on needless tasks like social media or YouTube, and I was suddenly mindful of what I was browsing. I knew that I needed to use my data solely on work.

With that bottleneck in mind, I started going to coffee shops for a more comfortable internet experience. I would occasionally work out of coffee shops, but with the new arrangement I began doing it almost full time.

I was out of bed by no later than 8am and on my way to the cafe almost immediately. I liked getting out of bed right after opening my eyes, getting dressed, and going to a cafe to work. Where as before I would simply just walk a few steps to my desk to work, or to another room.

Despite living the dream of working in my PJ’s, the comfort of being able to do everything from home was making me lazy, it was taking away my energy, and generally made me more sluggish, less productive, and unmotivated. I didn’t realize it until after I discovered more disciplined working habits.

I realized that I am much more productive in the atmosphere of a coffee shop where my ability to indulge in luxury is limited, whatever that luxury may be. I feel less inclined to slack off when there are other people around me working as diligently as I am. This way I get everything I need to get done before I go home, and don’t procrastinate.

But the biggest change is what I do when I’m at home. I no longer check social media during all hours of the day. Actually, I upload a post right before I leave the cafe, so that I can’t convulsively check the app once I’m gone. My mind can’t go on tangents, and browse Wikipedia and news articles for hours. I can’t search something that I suddenly decide I decide to know, and have to make a note of it and check it the next time I have internet.

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