Finally, I Will Make It To Mexico City

I managed to book another flight to Mexico City for this coming Thursday after my November flight from Bogotá was cancelled.

I was in Guatapé, coming down the 740 wide steps of la Piedra del Peñol early in the morning, ready to catch my noon flight back to Bogota where I had a short layover before my 3pm flight to Mexico City.

A flight from Medellín to Bogotá costs about 60 dollars and is only 25 minutes long. To reach the airport, I needed to transfer three buses. I remember thinking that here was no way that I would reach the airport in time. The bus was late, and when I finally got on some people claimed that he bus that I was on did not reach the bus stop I needed to reach the airport. Eventually I got off on a highway about an hour walk from the airport with only 45 minutes left until my flight. They assured me that a shuttle would come. I walked towards the airport in 30 degree weather, and about 20 minutes later a bus finally came and picked me up.

Sweating, I ran inside the terminal. When I finally got to the desk I could hear an attendant speaking to a customer on line, and I overheard that the flight was cancelled. I had booked with two different airlines, and because I couldn’t get to Bogota in time I could not catch my next flight, and the other airline refused to reschedule the flight. I ran around the airport, unable to find an airline that offered a flight early enough.

Fast forward 2 months, I booked another flight to Mexico City from NYC that was much cheaper than the one from Bogota. I was hoping to get the airline to pay for this one. They had promised me a free flight, a promise they still haven’t fulfilled.

In any case, for the next week I will be exploring Mexico City (and other towns nearby), visiting my friends, and practicing my Spanish.



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