My Passport (2008-2018)

With my upcoming trip to Tanzania at the end of June, I needed to renew my passport.

I consider my passport as a souvenir, not just a travel document. Whenever I tell people about all the places I’ve traveled to, they want to see the stamps that I collected along the way. So I decided to post them here.

Below are photos of all the pages of my passport, along with a description of each stamp:


Greece, USA


Laos, Vietnam, Mexico


UK, Algeciras, and the two other stamps are illegible.


Ukraine, Switzerland, Germany, Jamaica


Turkey, USA


Spain (Algeciras, Barcelona, Madrid), and an illegible stamp.


Ireland, Colombia, Croatia by land


Croatia, Greece, Italy


Amsterdam, Algeciras, Costa Rica, and an illegible stamp.


Cuba, Liechtenstein, Serbia, Moldova


Colombia, USA


I added 42 new pages to my passport in Kathmandu.










Cambodia, Malaysia


Hong Kong, Peru


Japan, Mexico


Colombia. I lived in South America for over a year and I traveled frequently. I went to Singapore for several days in 2015.


I spent a weekend in Panama, and a full week in Ecuador.


Arriving in Colombia (and South America) for the first time.


Freelance Visa.


The added pages when I extended my passport.


Slovenia by train, USA, what looks like a stamp for either leaving Montenegro or entering Albania from the North. The two bottom stamps are for entering and leaving Romania on the same day for a bus transfer to Moldova.


Croatia, Macedonia. Istanbul, Turkey a second time, for my trip to Egypt.


Egypt. On top of the page is a worn stamp with only the date legible.


Istanbul, Turkey a third time for my onward journey to Nepal. Thailand, overland from Myanmar.


Nepal and Myanmar.


Driving into Ukraine and then flying out.


Entering Bar, Montenegro, by ferry from Italy.


Entering and leaving Morocco by ferry, to and from Spain.


Albania, to and from Greece/Istanbul, both by air and overland.




The Schengen countries I traveled to are not included in this passport. I didn’t get the passport stamped while I was traveling to most European countries, which is about 30 countries. For some countries, I went to the tourist office and paid to get the passport stamped.

The passport is in terrible shape. It was in a flood and the cover split in two so I had to glue it together. Border officers could never get the first page to swipe into the system because it warped and the electronics were ruined, they had to always input the passport number manually.




Now my new passport is shiny and clean, and I won’t be keeping it in my back pocket when I travel like I did with my old one.

Thanks for reading.


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