You Can Live in Bali for $100 a Month

Bali is a big island. There are a lot of things to do, and a lot of interesting places to see. Kuta Beach is the most popular destination, but it is also the most expensive. If you leave Kuta, the cost of living anywhere else on the island will be much lower.

Only 15 minutes south of Kuta, you’ll find Nusa Dua. Nusa is not as popular as Kuta, but the proximity to landmarks still makes it a good destination.

Here you can rent a studio apartment for $60 a month. There are hidden beaches, great warung where you can get a good meal for cheap, and few tourists.

Motorbike rentals can be as low as $3 a day in some places. You can rent a motorbike and ride around the island as much as you like. Nusa Dua is no more than a 15 or 20-minute drive from all the major destinations like Tanah Lot and Uluwatu.

There are still undiscovered beaches in Nusa Dua. When I visited Bali, a friend of mine brought me to a hidden beach that had been hidden for some time. There was a hotel nearby, but because of the high tide, tourists are recommended not to venture too far along the water. We needed to climb down the mountainside to reach it. This way the beach was empty most of the time, and we had it to ourselves. Sometimes we would see the elderly seaweed farmers walking in the deep water very far out, or they would be seated away from the sun in the cavern carved out of the mountainside with their dogs eating lunch.

At that time, there were new hotels and resorts being built in the area, and I can’t say for sure that the beach is hidden from tourism any longer.

Also nearby is the Immigration Center where you can extend your visa if you need to.

If you’re in Bali and are liking it, and looking to get out of Kuta Beach, it is worth going to Nusa Dua to find a place to live.

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