Running: A New Route in Kreuzberg

Running is one of my favorite ways to see a new city.

When I arrived in Berlin the weather was nearing 100 degrees, and I held off on running for several days. I was disappointed that the weather was keeping me inside, and after a week I could no longer wait and ran 5K in 98-degree weather.

Now the weather has cooled, and I am back to my normal pace of a 27-minute 5K. The colder the weather gets, the better I run. I guess for this reason I’m not necessarily dreading the coming Berlin winter.

In the meantime, I found a very nice route that I have been running just about every day since I arrived in Berlin. Usually, the popular running routes are also where you can see the most beautiful sights of any city.

I’m staying in Kreuzberg for the time being. My flat faces Heinrichplatz. From there I run on Mariannenstr., a usually crowded street, towards Landwehr Canal.

I run over the Kottbusser Brücke (bridge) and turn left onto Maybackschufer, a cobblestone path that runs along the river under the shade provided by low trees.

This street is usually very pleasant, but sometimes there is a market that draws large crowds.

I run until Pannierstr. and cross the Thielenbrücke on the left. On the next street (Paul-Lincke-Ufer) which turns into Ratiborstr., there is a semi-paved dirt path which follows a long patch of grass and playgrounds along the canal. This path leads straight towards Görlitzer Park.

I circle the park. On the weekends the park is full of people having picnics, riding their bikes, or families taking strolls, but during the weekdays it is mostly empty. From the park, I take Skalitzerstr. home.

I can run this route in roughly 27-28 minutes. My fastest is 27 minutes and 15 seconds, my longest, on a day of 100 degrees was 29 minutes.

Many other routes can be found on Top10 Berlin.

I haven’t tried any of the routes on that site, but for anyone who has, please write your experiences below. I’m always looking for more recommendations on how to better see Berlin.

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