A Good Living Space (Lessons From Berlin)

A good living space must be conducive to a stable, steady mind first and foremost. That is the most important thing. It should ground you in the present just by merely looking at it, by being in it and as well by thinking about it. It should be able to take you out of your wandering mind and provide a relief from distractions. The air should make you want to breath it, the sounds should soothe you. 

When you enter it you should first feel warmth and the air should be neutral and remind you of only that space. If it should remind you of something else than it should remind you of something good. This means either away from a large matropolis or if you must, at least live in a quiet part of one. Preferably where the street is dead during the evenings. The perfect street was one full of office buildings and nothing else (no bus stops). If there are bus stops people congregate daily, talk on their phones or in groups, hail cabs, people honk to get around the buses, and the buses are loud and dirty and reak of old metal and rusted fumes and that is bad for the noise and the scent of your living space which should be kept clean. When the windows close they should be able to seal all the sounds from coming inside.

In the morning the street is bustling with a few people who are quietly making their way down the street to their work, during the day they quietly make their way to nearby resturants to eat lunch and chat (they are still at work and arent as escited as they would be on a night out) and then in the evening the street is dead again. Because of this you can sit outside and still take in the sights and sounds of human life in a gentle manner and in the evening you can rest entirely and should you wish to seek life again you may do so and should you want to return to a comfortable space you will do so without it obstructing your calm mind uninvited.

It should be comfortable and ideal to your preferences. And you should have a good couch. One where you can stretch your entire body on and still have enough space for others to sit on as well. This provides the comfort of open space and the option to sit or lay as you wish. The couch should have pillows so that you may alternate your sitting positions and it should be nearby to plugs. It should provide a place to put your drinks, a small table where you may place meals, drinks and other items such as cigarettes and lighters as to your preferences. 

Your bed should be nearby and you should not travel too much to get to it. And the bed should not be too low to the ground. Should you want to alternate your comfort from the couch to the bed and get back up from the bed there should be no effort. The hallways should be long so that when you enter them to exit you leave your living space behind and do not see it on your way out. The kitchen should not be connected to your living room but the living room should be visible through the doorway, this way you only faintly hear the sounds that come when someone is in the kitchen and when in the kitchen you can chat with the person sitting in the living room. Then when you have walked into the living room again you have forgotton the kitchen and it is no longer in your line of sight. When you entire through the front door you should first see only the hallway and not any of the living spaces (if it is a good hallway) .

If you are unable to fit a couch large like the one described then your couch should be accompanied by a sofa long enough to stretch your legs to be used for reading or working while laying down. Your friends will lay on this sofa and say things about how you havent moved all day from it and joke about your leaving the space (because its so comfortable) and tell you to get your shit together even though they’re the exact same way.
A wide view of the street is necessary if the street provides you with solace and a calm, a soothing sight. The space should be clean always, if that is not possible than at least it should not be filthy. 

The lighting should be warm. 

Outside on the balcony should be space to sit many, preferably benches with cuchioned padding and a place to lay back and rest your legs.
A television could provide great comfort but should not be used too frequently so that it gets in the way of hobbies and work. 
The tub should provide for both shower and baths which means it should not be a standing shower and a handle nozzle provides for both a conventional shower head and a means to rinse the tub with when you’re done. A very large and long mirror is necessary in the bathroom.
If possible, the space should be new so that it does not carry remnants of former life. And if you are renting best not to know the owner but aim for a large corporation, this way their preferences or personality (however good it may be, it will not be your own) does not mix into your living space.

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