A Habit for Productive Creativity (Writing)

Mornings are most desirable for creative work, but its also the hardest time to start. Your eyes just opened up and your mind is racing. It’s important to quiet the mind immediately once you wake.

I keep technology away from me and keep conscious of not letting the internet suck me in early in the morning, it sets a bad precedent for the mind—a hungry, insatiable mindset that is encouraged to get lost in thought all throughout the day. I leave my phone in a compartment away from sight in another room entirely and work towards being mindful not to use it until I get my writing done for the day. There can be no distractions if there is no opportunity for them. 

The first thing to do after waking is to start writing as quickly as possible. 

Here is where you can begin to set and work towards a good habit: You start by rereading what you wrote the day before in the state of flow you were in at that time, editing as you go along in order to dive back into that same state as best you can, and then add new words to the work after your mind is familiar with the work again as it had been the day prior when working was good. 

Falling back into a strong state of flow is easier this way. I can go a full hour without having my mind wander in a way that breaks the flow, and the work is noticably better because of it. And most importantly, I’m much more invested in the work.

Whenever I find my mind wandering to places either in the past or future or focusing on tasks I need to complete apart from writing, I stop, look at the page, and think—There is no where else to be, nothing else to do, but this project in front of you at this moment, and for the next several hours until the task is complete. Everything else can wait.

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