Reflections: The Literary Mind and The Internet Mind

I always wondered why browsing the internet too long was making my mind feel empty. No matter what I read about or how much of it I read. It always felt like a shallow way to learn.

For a memory to be made long term, it needs time and patience, focus. Undistracted attention. By its nature, the internet is a distracting tool. You can’t use it without being distracted. This is why what we read daily, flitting between news articles and short, quick text from Google searches, is easily forgotten. When we’re zooming through the web we get a lot of information flashing in front of our eyes, but a very small portion of it actually stays with us.

This feeds the distracted mind, or, our minds when browsing the net. It’s harder for the distracted mind to stay focused. Minds that are used to browsing information quickly cannot sit down and focus on one thing for too long, such as a book.

Once I’m finished with a book I feel full and enriched. Something has been added to me, truly soaked into my brain. We can retain what they read better than if they had read it on a platform as distracting and as abundant as the internet.

The perfect mind today is a balanced mind. One that can sit and focus on a long book, while at the same time is adept at finding information on the internet.

The two methods should not be confused: one is feeding information into the subconscious and turning it into knowledge, the other, the internet mindset, is a means for attaining that information as quickly as possible, for example, knowing where to search and knowing what information is useful or isn’t useful.

For a mind to thrive, both in the current technology age and in the future, it needs to be able to do both.

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